2 Hrs. Central Park Pedicab Tours, NYC

2 Hrs. Central Park Rickshaw Tours, NYC
This is well designed to Discovers all main features in our 2 Hrs loop of Central Park.
The Pedicab Tour guide will show you all the main features of Central Park which includes The Mall, The Bethesda Fountain,Terrace, and Arcades, Strawberry Fields, Dakota Building, the Great Lawn, Jacqueline Kennedy Reservoir waters, Turtle Pond, Shakespeare Gardens, and the Belvedere Castle.
You will have a few short stops to have your pictures taken it makes a perfect way of touring!
A pedicab tour is the more effortless tour of Central Park, let the tour guide show you, with an 360 unobstructed view of the most visit park in the U.S. 
The Friends Fountain by Central Park Pedicab Tours
 Central Park Tour by Rickshaws... Rocks!
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Belvedere Castle  - NYC Pedicab Tours
Featuring The Belvedere Castle, 1869 (Tour Stop)
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