NYC Pedicab Rides - NYC Pedicab Tours

NYC Pedicab Rides - NYC Pedicab Tours

NYC Pedicab Tours & Transport

Enjoy the fun while riding on a pedicab, pedicab like no other transport is rated one of the Best Eco-Transport  Alternatives in 'The Big Apple' and whether you are touring Central Park or just travelling the city, pedicabs will make your ride memorable!

NYC Pedicab Tours

Pedicab Rides Available for any event, weddings, Large Groups shuttle, NYC Kosher Pedicab Rides
We offer a Shabbos goy / a non Jew Pedicab drivers for Jewish Holidays),  customized your Pedicab Rickshaw  tours or transport  anywhere in NYC.

1, 2 , 3 & 4Hrs. City Pedicab Tours Avail. day and night!
 Was... Adults $120Kids $90
Limited Time Now!  Adult $60 Kids $50

Pay by Phone: +1 (212) 369-1320

* Free Pedicab Pick up & drop off's in Midtown, Manhattan.