NYC Pedicab Tours - Frequently Asked questions

FAQs: NYC Pedicab Tours

    What is a Pedicab & What is like to ride in a Pedicab?
    Pedicabs are environmentally friendly tricycles powered by the driver's legs.
    Pedi-cab =Pedal-cab
    Ridden on a Pedicab is the most unique and memorable sightseeing experience things to do in NYC
Can we reserve our tour Online?
Sure, it’s the best way..!
We really suggest doing everything online, because It's quick, easy, and secure.
Booking in advance its highly recommended as the cost is up to 25-50% less than the walk-in prices.
Reserve Now!
    Do we have to bring a printed or some form of proof that we paid for the Tour?
    No, it's not necessary to bring a printed receipt, once you completed the Online Reservation, We will have all your information in our system.
How much weight a Pedicab / Rickshaw or NYC Tuk-tuk's can hold or carry?
A Pedicab can hold or carry a combine weight of an total of 500 lb.
    How many people can travel in a single Pedicab?
    A single Pedicab in NYC has a limit to carry a maximum of three (3) passengers.
We are 6 adults how many pedicabs do we need?
There will be 2 to 3 pedicabs available for your party.

Until what age do you consider 'kids' for a Pedicab Tour?
Good question, we consider kids until 12 years of age, therefore if your kids are older than 12 years, the payment will be as the adults rate or pricing.

Which Central Park Tour will be more suitable for us, and where it goes respectably each of them?
1 Hr. Central Park Pedicab Tour covers the South of Central Park from 58th St to 75th St
(The Mall, The Wollman Ice Skating Rink, The Carousel, Balto, The Boat Pond, Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, Cherry Hill Plaza and Fountain, Strawberry Fields, John Lennon's IMAGINE, Tavern on the Green, Columbus Circle) 2-3 short stops for pictures sessions and stretching
2 Hrs Central Park Pedicab Tours covers the South & Mid Park from 58th St to 90th St
(Includes all features from our 1hr tour, plus The boat house, Alice and Wonderland, Hans Christian Andersen, The Lake, The Dakota building, The Bow Bridge, The Oak Bridge, The Ramble, Shakespeare Gardens, Turtle Pond, The Belvedere Castle) several Stops for Pics & stretching, Stops are optional some are suggested, you'll decide.
3 Hrs Central Park Pedicab Tours Covers the South, Mid, & North from 58th St to 110th St
(All features from our 1hr & 2hrs, plus and going further to the Jacqueline Kennedy O. Reservoir, to the Loch 'The water falls', The Ravine, The Conservatory Gardens, North woods, The Pool)
Several stops for pictures & stretching, all stops are optional some are suggested, you'll decide.
          Central Park Pedicab Rickshaw Tours its a 'Round Trip' Tour Experience!

    Do you offer Christmas Pedicab Tours or Rides?
    Yes, we do. Christmas Holidays and Lights surely is an Event in NYC, and what a better way to experience by pedicabs. Please choose our 1, 2, 3 or 4hrs NYC Pedicab Tours
    Enjoy an unforgettable Christmas Holiday Lights by Pedicab Tours, see the Best of NYC Christmas Trees, the Best Windows Holidays Decors, this is a NYC Christmas Spectacular by NYC Pedicab Rickshaws.

    How long does it take the City Manhattan Pedicab Tours?
    The 1hr Midtown, Pedicab tour is approximately 1hr 10 min and covers the heart of Manhattan, Midtown area, having 2 short stops in the main features. Times Square/ Broadway Theater District and Rockefeller Center, the stops are just for short walks, stretching, and having your pictures taken, you will be on the pedicab most of the time for a comfort.

    The 2hrs Midtown/ South, Pedicab tour is approx. 2hrs 10min and covers all main midtown main features, and mid-south, the whole tour is well designed to capture all main features. 3 to 4 stops, at Ts Sq , Broadway, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Terminal, 5th Ave, Empire state, Herald Square, Macy's, Korean town, and more. We have several stops along the way, stops are optional but others are suggested.
      Seasonal Event of 2hr. Merry Christmas in NYC! Holiday Specials! Winter Holidays! - Fifth Avenue Windows Displays. 2hr. New YorChristmas Light Pedicab Tours, Christmas Spectacular, Ice Skating Rink, and the Best NYC Christmas Trees.
    The 3hrs Includes the previous 1 and 2hrs tours and going farther to Union Square, Soho, E Village & W Village, Little Italy, and Chinatown. Keep in mind, the 3hrs tour will be customized by you, choosing the places that you want to see the most.
      Special Event of 3hr-Merry Christmas in NYC! Winter Specials! Winter Holidays - Fifth Avenue Windows Displays, This is a Christmas Light Pedicab Tours, Christmas Spectacular, Ice Skating Rink, and the Best NYC Christmas Trees Decors.

    How early Can I have a Pedicab Tour?
    We do early tours on demand, our earliest tour at Central Park starts at 7am with an advanced reservation, please contact us or notify us, or for more info by e-mail at 212bike@gmail.com
    For City Pedicab Tours at anytime from 8am to 10pm- 7days

      Where does the tour start & Where do we meet the Pedicab Tour Guide?
      *For Central Park Pedicab Tours we meet at 8 West 58th St &5th Ave (Near The Paris Movie Theater & The Plaza hotel ) Exactly address will be given up purchase.

      *For Manhattan Pedicab Tours
      we meet at the place of your convenience.

Do you offer pedicab pick ups? We want to take a pedicab from our hotel. How much does it cost a pick up?
For Central Park Pedicab Tours we offer Free Pick up's if you are within 5 blocks of our meeting point
(58th St and 5th Ave) Farther than 5 blocks there is an additional of $25 per pedicab.

For all Manhattan Pedicab Rickshaw Tours, we offer Free pick up's & Drop off's  within Midtown area.

Please give instructions at the time of your booking, e-mail us or call us. Thanks. 

    I'm staying at The Pierre Hotel on 5 E 60th St, can I be pick up here?
    Yes, and it's free of charge and we also offer free of charge pick ups from all the following hotels.
    The Plaza Hotel, The Plaza Athena Hotel, The Sherry-Netherland, The Quin, The Ritz Carlton Central Park, The Wellington Hotel, Park Central Hotel, Trump Towers, The Trump International Hotel & Towers NYC, The Peninsula Hotel, The St. Regis, The Hilton Midtown  6th Ave, Le Park Meridian, Mandarin Oriental New York, 15 Central Park West, Park Hyatt Hotel 153 w 57th St, Four Seasons New York 57th St, The Warwick, Conrad New York Midtown, 1 Hotel Central Park, The Park Lane Hotel, The Warwick, The San Remo, JW Marriott Essex House, Baccarat Hotel & Marriott Broadway on 54th St. (For other Hotels or location please contact us) Thanks.
      Free Restaurants Pedicab Pick Up's and Drop Off's Rides 
      List of our favorites restaurants for a Free pick up's, just call us or text with the time, number of people, and tell us if you are interested in the 1hr, 2hr or 3hrs Central Park Tour, from that moment we'll be glad to send you our pedicab/s, just Schedule it, for last-minutes give us 15-30 minutes, if is not 5 minutes for the Pedicab tour or Pedicab ride Pick up. Free pick ups from the following restaurants: Rue 57, The Plaza Todd English, The Famous Halal Guys at 53rd St & 6th Ave, Sarabeth's Central Park South, Free pick up or Drop off at Tavern on the Green , Free Pick-up & Drop-off at The Loeb Boathhouse Central Park, Quality Meats, 9Ten, Guantanamera Cuban Restaurant at 8 Ave & 56 St, Serafina Broadway, Basso56, Brooklyn Diner 57 st, Brasserie Cognac, Serendipity 3, 21 club, La grenouille, Carnegie Deli, Nobu 57, Trump Grill @ The Trump Tower, Le Cirque, Nougatine at Jean-Georges, Marea, Daniel (Daniel Boulud), Per Se (Thomas Keller), Masa (Masa Takayama), Laduree at Madison Ave & 71st St, Ellen's Stardust Diner, ...

    What happens if it rains or snows? 
    Pedicab/Rickshaw tours do go out in all types of weather and in fact you can get some great photos in inclement weather, specially if snows. In rainy days we have a chance to spend more time inside in a few of the plenty Landmark's buildings.

    In the event of severe or unsafe weather conditions, the Pedicab tour will be canceled for safety reasons and you will be allowed to reschedule to another day and time or a Full Refund will be issued.

    Now, if you wish to cancel because of bad weather, please call us in advance or notified us by E-mail. Full Refund will be issued.

    Do you provide blankets in a cold or chilly weather?
    Yes, we have blankets available in each pedicab.

    What is the best time to visit and Tour Central Park?

    Central Park is open to the public from 6am to 1am, the earliest that we can have a Pedicab Tour is at 7AM by advance reservation. Our regular schedule for Central Park Pedicab Tours is from 8am to 6pm.

      What are the best time to have a Midtown or New York City Pedicab Tours?
      There is no specifically time restrictions for pedicab tour in NYC, our schedule start at 8am to 9pm and we do early tours or late on demand with advanced reservation, please email us for more info. at 212bike@gmail.com 

    Can I have a Pedicab  Rickshaw services in a Sabbath, Jewish Holidays, and Festivals?
    Yes, we provide Kosher Eco-transport, Eco-rides, and special arrangements in all Jewish holidays, perform by our Shabbos goy or Shabbes goy a Non Jew Pedicab Rickshaw driver.
    "Judaism prohibits Jewish from certain type of work, know as Melakha, on the Sabbath" Its why we have a 'Shabbos goy' in Ref. a non Jew pedicab worker rider.

      Can I have a Pedicab Tour or Pedicab Services anywhere in NYC?
      Yes, anywhere in Manhattan. we can always customize our tours as you want it, just tell your tour guide and pedicab itinerary planner in advance so he can rapidly work in the best itineraries. Just keep in mind that we work on an hourly basis. Experience and discover by pedicab Rickshaw carriage, The East village, Greenwich Village, Soho, Little Italy & Chinatown in Approx. 3hrs, and reach Wall Street 'The Financial District' in a total of 4hrs in a Round trip guided Pedicab Rickshaw Tour by Experts.

    Do I have Discount for a big Family or Large Group?
    Yes, we have discount for big families or big group more than 12 people.

    I would like know how much does charge the pedicabs on the streets of New York City?
    We are glad that you ask about the Pedicab Rates on the streets, Pedicab on the streets charge on a Minute basis, the price ranges from $3 to $7 per minute, per pedicab. Be aware that the pedicab drivers are free to set their own prices which is legal, but they need to disclose their prices, Up front to the customers.
    Also, be aware that you can be charged by Minute at Central Park, please ask the total price before seating in one.
    *Keep in mind that there are hundreds of pedicabs in New York City to be precise 840 Pedicabs or Rickshaws, within them several companies and most of the drivers are solo proprietorship's (they own the pedicab and work with that,) as for us at *NYC Pedicabs Sightseeing Tours, we only focus on tours whatever doing Sightseeing Tour on Pedicabs at Central park or City Pedicab Tours in New York.

      Why do you use PayPal as your payment receiver?
      We are very much concern about privacy and online safety and PayPal is proved to be Safe, Secure, Easy, and Reliable for all online payments. PayPal Inc is a Worldwide Payment Solution far ahead Secure and Safe in comparison to others online booking systems.

    Do you speak Spanish?  Hablam  Espa~ol ?
    Yes, we speak Spanish, and we have a team that speak other languages too like Italian, Portuguese, and french.

    Can the driver take my picture?
    Sure, we have a paparazzi photographer experience, you’ll like it.

    Are the Tips included in the Price?
    No, any tips will be greatly appreciated by your Tour Guide or Pedicab Driver.