Pedicab Transportation Services.

New York City Pedicab Transportation Services

Pedicab Transportation Services

Our pedicab are available for passenger transportation services and Sightseeing Rides at Central Park and Midtown - Manhattan Pedicab Tours, it's a perfect for Wedding party transport, Pedicab shuttle, Pedicab Avail. for Hire on Demand.

➝ Free Pedicab pick-ups and drop-offs for All City Tours - Available at any Restaurants and Hotels in Midtown-Manhattan for The Day and Night Pedicab Tours in Midtown, Manhattan.

NYC Pedicab Services

Kosher Pedicab Rides on Demand:
Pedicab Aka. Rickshaw transport arrangements in all Jewish holidays and events, our services are performed by a 'Shabbat Goy or Shaboos Goy' / a Non Jew Pedicab driver.

Call or Text us - Pedicab Transport Avail. at Anytime on Demand.

Email us: 212bike@gmail.com

Pay by phone: +1 (212) 369-1320

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