New York City Pedicab Tours

New York City Pedicab Tours

Day & Night City Pedicab Tours

Enjoy breathtaking sights of Manhattan on the back of a Pedicab Tour!

New York City Pedicab Tours

The best way to tour the city, a Pedicab-Rickshaw like no other transportation gives a 360º open
sightseeing view and travelling just at the right speed, so you can not miss anything what the City has to offer. 

We provide incredible service, our team of Pedicab guides
and Pedicab drivers will ensure unsurpassed service.

1hr, 2hrs, & 3hrs City Pedicab Tours Avail. Day and Night!
 Was... Adults $150Kids $120
Limited Time Now! Adult $90 Kids $80

Free pick-up & drop off's in Midtown, Manhattan.